I started making YouTube videos about my projects back in 2016. My first ever video „How to add a circuit to your car“ was filmed with my smartphone and took me 2 whole weeks to edit. Since then I have gotten a little bit better at editing and changed my direction. Instead of making detailed lengthy tutorial videos that require hours of work I am now focusing on shorter and more entertaining videos.  I want to create a low barrier to entry into even the most complicated projects that I work on and I think a humoristic and light hearted depiction is the best way to to that. It is also significantly more fun to record bad jokes instead of instructions on drilling holes. 

I take great inspiration form Micheal Reeves and William Osman. They have really changed the landscape of DIY YouTube Channels and made it more accessible to young people. However, I also share detailed written instructions on all my projects over on Instructables.



Instructables is one of the best sites to share DIY projects. With thousands of different maker projects it is just a great place to get inspired and inspire people. All of my public projects can be found on there. And as most of them are DIY projects you can also find detailed parts lists and a step by step walkthrough on how to build them.

Public Projects